Financial Assistance

Our Career Loans
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Career loans can be used to pay for tuition, housing, and other training expenses. Applicants should submit an application online which you can do by clicking here. Applicants may get an instant answer upon submission or one of the School’s representatives will contact the applicant via telephone. You can also call one of our Admissions Counselors who will help you complete the application over the phone.

For those who have not applied for enrollment and financial assistance please click here to get started. Students who have selected financial assistance on their application either online or on our paper application will be notified by mail and phone. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

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VA & Military Benefits

Veteran Military students may qualify to receive educational benefits through the Veteran’s Administration. To learn more on Veterans and military benefits click here. For further assistance please contact us at (800) 332-7364 to speak with one of our admissions representatives about VA and Military benefits.

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National Farmerworkers Jobs Program (NFJP)

How do I qualify for this program?:

  • You are US Citizen or a legal resident.
  • You have done farm work in the last two years (for example, work with crops, Christmas trees, nursery, dairy, fishery, poultry or other related farm work).
  • Your family income is at or below the Federal Poverty Level.
  • If you are male and 18 years old or older, you are registered with the Selective Service.

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State/Federal Grants & Funding

The Diesel Truck Driver Training School is currently approved as an eligible training provider under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in many states. This designation allows Diesel Truck Driver Training School to participate in WIA funding programs administered by each state’s Department of Workforce (DWD). These DWD agencies and WIA programs help fund students who attend Diesel Truck Driver Training School training programs.

Dislocated Workers

Many of our students receive funding through state grant programs under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Our Schools are Eligible Training Providers under the Workforce Investment Act in many states throughout the U.S. If you are a dislocated worker or are receiving any public assistance, you may be eligible for this type of funding.

Voc Rehab

Many of our students receive funding through either state or private Vocational Rehabilitation programs also known as Voc Rehab. If you are an injured worker or are currently in a rehabilitation program, you may be eligible for this type of funding.

Trade Adjustment

Individuals who have lost their job due to foreign competition or trade may qualify for Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) funding.

Tribal Education

Many of our Native American students receive funding through their tribal council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. If you are a Native American, you may be eligible for this type of funding.