5 things about hazmat endorsements you need to know

//5 things about hazmat endorsements you need to know

Sometimes we get questioned about why we include the hazardous materials endorsement in our CDL training classes. It’s simple really:

  1. It’s easier to do it while you are training and getting your Commercial Drivers License because there’s a written test and you will have just covered all that material.
  2. If you don’t have it, you will be limited in your job options because there are many things in the category of hazardous materials just because of all that is involved in cleaning up a truck load of, say, household cleaner. As a result, employers tend to just ask that you have it since it makes scheduling easier.
  3. You will need to pass security checks to be permitted to transport hazardous materials because they can be considered a possible threat to national security. Most of the time, this isn’t difficult and it gives you more value to an employer, which should mean more paycheck.
  4. Hazardous Materials is only one of the endorsements that add value to your status as a driver. Other endorsements include tank vehicle, passenger, bus, and multiple trailers.
  5. There are restrictions, too — if you take your practical driving test in a truck without air brakes, you’ll get a license that has an air brake restriction because you didn’t prove you can handle those. So it’s a good idea to make sure the vehicle has air brakes or you’ll limit your job options a good bit.

When you come to Diesel Truck Driver Training School, we cover all this with you so that you graduate with the most opportunities for employment that are possible. Endorsements and avoiding restrictions are part of giving you a good start for a career in trucking.


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