7 Commercial Truck Manufacturers

/7 Commercial Truck Manufacturers

Talk to any truck driver and you’re bound to hear tales of their favorite trucks. Every trucker has a favorite brand, and most truckers will tell you to stay away from another brand they have grown to dislike for some reason.

As a truck driver, you may not get a choice about the manufacturer of the rig you are driving. The one exception to this rule is if you are an owner-operator. Otherwise, your employer will be the one to choose the manufacturer. But it helps to be familiar with the brands that are taking up the roadways.

Here are 7 commercial truck makers you should be familiar with:

  1. International – International trucks are some of the most loved in the country. From eighteen wheelers to small utility trucks, International has been in the business for a long time and knows how to deliver on quality.
  2. Kenworth – Kenworth trucks are very distinctive. They manufacturer heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial trucks with a lot of promise.
  3. Freightliner – Freightliner Big Rigs are so hot that songs have been written about them.
  4. Peterbilt – Peterbilt is a company that has always been forward-thinking. They have sturdy trucks of a variety of models and even a few alternative fuel commercial trucks.
  5. Mack – Mack trucks are best known for their toughness and durability. From dump trucks to haulers, when you drive a Mack, you know it’s got power.
  6. Volvo – Most people don’t think of Volvo when they think of trucks, but Volvo is an international brand based out of Sweden that builds trucks every bit as good as those that are American-made.
  7. Isuzu – Isuzu is another vehicle brand where many people think of cars, not trucks. But this Japanese manufacturer has a lot of trucks on the road, and they are well-built vehicles.

Which is your favorite brand of commercial truck?

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