8 Types of Commercial Trucks

/8 Types of Commercial Trucks

Truck drivers come in all sorts. Trucks, too, can be divided into different types and classes. If you want to be a commercial truck driver, it helps to know the different types of trucks you may be asked to drive. Here are eight different types of commercial trucks that you’ll see on the road today. All of them require a commercial drivers license to operate.

  1. Dump Truck – This is fairly common. You’ll see dump trucks on commercial construction sites and anywhere else large loads of dirt, rock, and soil need to be moved.
  2. Cement Mixer – You see these trucks with a huge cylindrical shape on the back. When it’s turning, it’s mixing the cement.
  3. Tractor-Trailer– Perhaps the most common type of truck, they are often called Big Rigs or Eighteen Wheelers.
  4. Flatbed – Flatbed trucks are often used for logging or transporting lumber. They can carry heavy loads, but not fluids.
  5. Tanker – These trucks sport a long tube on the back in place of a trailer and are designed to carry liquids or fluids. The most common type of tanker is an oil truck. They are often used by petroleum companies.
  6. Refrigerator Truck – Grocery store chains and food manufacturers often use refrigerator trucks to transport frozen goods and foods that need to be chilled while in transit.
  7. Garbage Truck – Every municipality needs someone to pick up trash and take it to the dump. The garbage truck is designed to do the trick.
  8. Heavy Hauler – These super-heavy beasts are designed to transport heavy loads too large for roads unless an escort is involved. Drivers often require special permits to operate these big bad boys.

If you have any interest in operating these vehicles, you’ll need a commercial drivers license.

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