A CDL Does Not Guarantee A Successful Trucking Career

//A CDL Does Not Guarantee A Successful Trucking Career

There are three essential components to a successful truck driving career – training, finding a job, and gaining experience. As a truck driving school, we have a long and successful history of delivering truck driver training. What many don’t realize is that we work very closely with students and graduates to help them find sustainable work. While many will say a ‘job is a job’, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that will also boost a graduate’s experience – that is the key to a successful long term career in the trucking industry.

Our career services department has the task of working with students early on in their training to determine the type of work they are going to be looking for, and the area they wish to work. Career services personnel will then help each student put together a list of potential employers that meet that criteria along with the best means to contact them. Students also have access to a jobs and employer database that can be used to find their first job.

While finding a vacancy to apply for is important, careers services also play an important part in the job application process. No, we don’t apply for you; rather, we train you in the required soft skills – creating a resume and job application, how to handle yourself during an interview, and what employers are looking for in new recruits. These soft skills are now an internationally recognized path to improving graduates’ employment outcomes and they are now being taught in colleges across the world.

This provides students and graduates with a complete package – truck driver training, a commercial drivers license, access to thousands of potential employers, and soft skills that increase your chances of being selected to fill a job vacancy. When you purchase your truck driver training program, this is all included at no extra cost. If you’re ready to become a truck driver, place your trust in a truck driver training company that has almost fifty years experience, and who knows what the trucking industry wants – and more importantly, knows how to prepare you for that industry – there’s more to becoming a truck driver than just gaining a CDL.

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