A Commercial Drivers License For Non-Truck Drivers

//A Commercial Drivers License For Non-Truck Drivers

It’s really not that difficult to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL). You will need to pass several knowledge-based tests, and you will have to pass a practical driving test. If you have a reasonably clean driving record and no major criminal offenses recorded against your name, and you can pass a medical assessment, then you’re the perfect candidate for a commercial drivers license. Whilst gaining experience is important, you don’t have to be a truck driver to have a commercial drivers license.

So why gain a license to drive trucks if you’re not going to be a truck driver? There is a difference between being a truck driver and being someone who drives trucks. A good example is a heavy equipment operator. Their main profession is operating heavy equipment. A CDL comes in very handy when heavy equipment needs to be moved to a new location. In most cases, heavy equipment is not permitted to drive on public roads – imagine the damage a large tracked bulldozer would do to our roads? A tractor-trailer is used to move heavy equipment, and if operators have a CDL, they can load up and transport the heavy equipment themselves.

Warehouse personnel and truck mechanics are two further areas where a truck drivers license could be an asset. Truck mechanics need to test drive trucks after undertaking routine services and repairs whilst warehouse personnel could ‘fill-in’ for truck drivers when they are absent for any reason. If you work for a trucking company and have a CDL, then you are in a position to move trucks where and when required.

It takes as little as two weeks truck driver training to be in a position to pass the necessary tests to obtain a CDL. This training can be completed full-time or part-time by attending training on weekends. For many drivers, this is a small time investment for what is a lifetime license and an increase in the skills that may make you more employable in the future.

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