A Good Nights Sleep Helps Budding Truck Drivers Learn Their Craft

//A Good Nights Sleep Helps Budding Truck Drivers Learn Their Craft

Deciding on a new career can be a tough decision, especially if you have to undergo training in order to qualify for that new career. When it comes to truck driving, there are a number of training options available – these range from completing the knowledge-based part of your training at home to having to spend up to five weeks commuting to a truck driver training school. The alternative is to find accommodation close to the training school; however, that too can be expensive.

Diesel Truck Driver Training School recognizes some of the problems that our students have when it comes to accessing truck driver training. To help ease the problem, we are able to offer financial assistance to cover the cost of your housing for the total length of your training. Housing is provided through the Water Tower Residence Inn located in Sun Prairie, WI, just 4 miles from our Sun Prairie campus. We will arrange a room for you once you have enrolled in one of our training programs. The motel is within easy walking distance of restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers, and provides services such cable TV, air conditioning, small refrigerators and laundry facilities on site.

Learning to become a truck driver is not a hard task, however, you will need to spend some time memorizing road rules and trucking regulations. You will need to pass written knowledge-based tests set by the Department of Transport so as to gain a permit to drive a truck on the open road. You cannot receive your commercial drivers license unless you have passed the knowledge-based test.

By helping you obtain accommodation, we are also helping you set aside dedicated time to learn these rules and regulations. We also know that the accommodation provided allows students to get a good night’s rest. Plenty of rest and sleep mean you will be attentive during lessons, and better able to take in the finer points of truck driving. Students that have to travel long distances every day are generally tired each night and often during the day, and it is those students who sometimes struggle to retain knowledge.

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