A Truck Driving Career Offers Diversity On Many Fronts

//A Truck Driving Career Offers Diversity On Many Fronts

There are a lot of careers that are fairly routine. Nothing changes much, you go to work, do the same thing day after day, then go home. When it comes to truck driving, you could do the same thing – drive the same truck day after day, delivering the same goods to the same destination. However, you don’t have to.

A truck driving career can offer a lot of diversity, both in the type of truck you drive, the types of goods you carry, and your destinations. The following is a very short list of the possible truck driving opportunities you could find once you have obtained your commercial drivers license.

  • Equipment Transporting
  • Over-The-Road
  • Dump Trucks/Trailers
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Paving / Concrete / Asphalt
  • Road Building
  • Freight Haulers
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Utility Contractor
  • Construction Materials
  • Tankers

Using tankers as an example, there are many different types of tankers and a wide variety of products carried in a tanker. Think of a liquid (including water), and there’s most likely a tanker involved. Think of a powder or grain and there’s often a tanker used.

We live in a consumer society – this means we consume a lot, to the point that many items, for example a television set, now only have short life expectancies. Why make a product to last ten years when it’ll most likely be replaced in two or three years? High consumerism, even in a recession, means that products are going to be moved around, and trucks are still the most efficient and cost effective way to move products.

If you want a career that offers diversity across several key areas, then consider truck driving. It only takes five weeks to learn to drive a truck, and to have the knowledge and skills required to pass your commercial drivers license test. This means, you could be in the workforce six or seven weeks after you start training – and the pay’s great as well.

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