A Truck Driving Career Offers Stability, Opportunities And Good Wages

//A Truck Driving Career Offers Stability, Opportunities And Good Wages

Although much of our manufacturing has closed or moved offshore, those manufactured goods are still being bought by consumers. The demand for truck drivers is on the increase, especially with goods having to be trucked from central ports to all areas of the country. This has made truck driving careers an attractive option and is making it a far more stable career than it once was – it also offers a lot of opportunities for those with an adventurous spirit and a great wage as a bonus.

Average truck driver wages are heading towards the $40k mark with some drivers earning well over twice that. New drivers can expect a wage of around $30k depending on the type of vehicle being driven – long distance haulers take home significantly higher pay packets than local drivers. With demand expected to exceed supply, truck driver wage rates for good drivers could well increase as trucking companies try to lure the best to their doors.

Even at the height of the recent recession, consumers were still buying the necessities in life – we have to since many of us lack the knowledge and experience to become self sufficient, even in the basics of vegetable growing.  The demand for consumer items has led to an increase in imports, particularly cheaper items, placing a further strain on truck driver numbers. Employers are now doing everything possible to hang on to their truck drivers and this has led to a much more stable truck driving workforce.

If you are adventurous, a truck driving career has a lot to offer. Long distance truck drivers can be found driving from one side of the country to the other. Truck drivers are also in demand in both the government and private sector when it comes to areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan and the under-developed African nations where American truck drivers are relied on to deliver aid.

Are you looking for a career that has opportunities, stability, and a good wage? If so, consider a career as a truck driver. Training for your commercial drivers license is relatively short – in fact, you could be earning your first pay packet within two months of starting your training – and that includes the job search component.

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