A Truck Driving Job With Real Challenges

//A Truck Driving Job With Real Challenges

There are a lot of different types of truck driving jobs available. You could drive long distance, sometimes from one side of the country to the other. You could drive local around your own home town. There are dump truck driving jobs, tanker jobs, flat bed trucks, covered trucks and even large vans. Here is one flat bed truck driving job that has real challenges, and often strange business hours.

Have you ever seen a house being relocated? This is a mammoth task that involves raising a home off its stumps, backing a flat bed trailer under the home, then lowering the home onto the flat bed. The truck can then transport that house to a new location where the process is reversed. This is a job that will challenge most truck drivers.

When relocating a home, the ideal time to be on the road is when roads are at their quietest. This is generally in the early hours of the morning, so a truck driver may well start work at around midnight, depending on how far they need to transport that house.

The process may require escorts to clear the road ahead, since the house and truck often take up the full width of the road. The trip needs to be carefully planned to avoid busy roads, narrow roads and, of course, low bridges. The weather will play a big part, too, since strong winds can cause problems for truck drivers. Wet weather is another factor that could come into play – a house is heavy, so if the ground is at all soft, you could find yourself up to the axles in mud.

There aren’t hundreds of opportunities in this line of work, and a pure novice will only get a start if they are very competent and willing to spend a lot of time helping out and learning. A novice won’t get a lot of driving hours except perhaps to return the empty flat bed to its home base. This is just one of many interesting jobs that novice truck drivers can aspire to – first, you need to learn how to drive a truck, and then you need to gain some experience.

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