A Trucking Career Doesn’t Have To Mean An Unhealthy Lifestyle

//A Trucking Career Doesn’t Have To Mean An Unhealthy Lifestyle

There has been a subtle change in the lifestyle of many truck drivers over the last ten years. Truck drivers had what has become known as the traditional trucker-tummy – the spare tire around their midriff. If you think about it, truck driving is a very sedentary career – you sit down all day to do your job, often eat at truck stops, and they provide ‘home’ style cooking that is greasy yet very filling. Obesity, high cholesterol, high-blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are just some of the problems that are affecting today’s truck drivers.

Hence the subtle change. With the introduction of refrigerators and microwaves, truck drivers can prepare their own meals. The partners of many drivers are now making an extra serve each meal, and freezing them for their partners. Pop it into the microwave and you have a real ‘home cooked’ meal. Other changes include a move towards water as a drink rather than soda and high energy drinks, and the consumption of more fresh fruits and vegetables. In other words, drivers are now moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

Truck companies are also working to help drivers. Some offer education resources to drivers on healthy driving tips. The best trucking companies are ensuring that drivers have ‘home’ time as often as possible, and encourage the family’s involvement in their career. This is leading to healthier and happier truck drivers, and the pay off is less time off work due to illness, and less time off the road due to accidents. Happier truck drivers tend to stay where they are happy as well, so there is less driver turnover.

Truck driving doesn’t have to be the unhealthy career it once was. Planning and preparation by drivers and their families mean they can lead very healthy lifestyles even though their work is very sedentary. If you are considering a trucking career, yet you are worried about the health side of the industry, start off on the right foot by attending a good quality truck driver training program that really does prepare you for the workplace. From there, you can manage your lifestyle. You can have a healthy lifestyle and a trucking career.

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