Acquiring A CDL Course

//Acquiring A CDL Course
Acquiring CDL

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a key that opens the door to a rewarding career, and with some care and preparation, you can get yours quickly with just a few steps and a CDL training course.

1. The Medical
Before you can start on your journey to a CDL, you need to pass a Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination, performed by a physician certified by the Federal DOT. Proof of this, your federal medical card, will be required when you apply for your CDL permit. For military veterans, you are able to use your VA examiner to provide your CDL medical certificate.
If you are unsure where to locate a suitable registered doctor, we can help find a suitable physician.

2. The CDL Manual
There are three written exams you must pass to obtain your Class-A CDL learners permit, general knowledge, air brakes and combination vehicles, and so before applying, you need to study the appropriate sections of the CDL manual. You can find your state-specific manuals and download them from our website, and we also include some practice test examples to help you prepare.

3. Applying for your Class-A CDL Learner’s Permit
Please remember this must be done at your local state Department of Motor Vehicle office, and it is here you will take the three written exams for

  • General Knowledge
  • Air Brakes
  • Combination Vehicles

If you have used our test exams available for download on the site, you should be fine here, and once these exams have been passed, you can move on to obtaining your CDL learner’s permit.

4. Your CDL Learner’s Permit
Once the exams are passed, here you will need to provide proof of identity, so have your valid driver’s license with you, other than that, it is simply a matter of filling in paperwork. Once all that is done, you will have your CDL Learner’s Permit issued by your state of residence.

5. Training
A CDL Learner’s Permit allows you to legally drive commercial motor vehicles as a student driver, and the permit is usually valid for 6 months, which means you have to enroll and complete your training in that time or have to go through a reinstatement process for your CDL permit.

We offer a comprehensive CDL course that takes you from that Learner’s Permit to acquiring your Class-A CDL license, including both written and practical tuition that not only gives you the skills needed to pass the exams, but gives you the confidence to stand out in the job market and apply those skills successfully in the real-world work environment.
If you are looking to gain your Class-A CDL license, we can help you every step of the way, get in touch and see why we are your first choice for professional, affordable and enjoyable training to launch that new career.

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