All About Diesel Truck Driver Training School

//All About Diesel Truck Driver Training School

Diesel Truck Driver Training School is in the business of preparing students for successful careers in trucking. As one of the largest industries in existence, the trucking industry has plenty of jobs available. Unfortunately there are too many schools that are providing mediocre training and missing key points in the preparation. It is important to know all about a school before you choose it to dictate your future.

We have been in the truck driver training business for nearly 50 years! We are located near Madison, WI and have housing options for students who come from far away. Our goal is to assist students in getting their CDL and also to help them obtain a job within the trucking field. We provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a truck driver.

As a school, Diesel Truck Driver Training School is accredited and licensed by a number of associations. These range from state to federal status and prove the dependability of our courses. Above all else, out school teaches and stands by the motto, ‘Quality, Integrity, and Pride’. These three key words say it all when it comes to who we are as a program. We provide a quality education and thorough training to each and every student who enrolls in our program. Our integrity is held high and we stand by everything we teach and say. We have a sense of pride in our programs. We have seen success in our students and know that every students has the capability and opportunity to do great things if they stick with it.

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