Are Trucks And Female Drivers A Good Mix?

//Are Trucks And Female Drivers A Good Mix?

I know there are many male drivers who have cursed many female drivers for their poor driving skills. The problem is, when it comes to statistics, males have twice as many accidents as females, and when a woman does have an accident, they are not nearly as deadly. Over 70% of road deaths are directly attributable to male drivers – kinda makes you think I guess, perhaps women are safer on the roads than men! When it comes to truck driving, that is certainly proving to be the case.

Trucking is one of the few careers where discrimination based on gender is almost non-existent. Certainly, when it comes to pay rates, there are no columns in the pay tables that separate men and women – everyone is paid the same. When it comes to employment opportunities, you won’t see job ads asking for male or female truck drivers – they just advertise for truck drivers. If a woman applies, and she is good enough, she’ll get the job.

Women have been slowly moving into truck driving for over twenty years now. It would surprise many to learn how many husband and wife driving teams there are on the road at anyone time, and they are very effective in their careers. I know of many couples who have sold their homes, purchased their own truck, and that has now become their home. They earn enough each week to pay for hotel accommodation when they want time away from the truck – and perhaps each other.

If you are looking for a change of career, don’t let gender issues stop you. Trucking careers are unbiased when it comes to race, gender and age. If you can train to become a truck driver, and you are able to obtain your commercial drivers license, then trucking career awaits – and there are a lot of vacancies that are going unfilled at present.

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