Assessing Your Truck Driver Training Options

//Assessing Your Truck Driver Training Options

If you’ve decided that you want to become a truck driver, your next step is to decide how you are going to gain the skills required to make it a successful decision. There are a number of options. You can learn to drive from a friend or relative, you can attend a private truck driver training school, or you can attend a company-sponsored truck driver training school. They all have their pluses and minuses. If you learn to drive through a friend or relative, just remember their training is not structured and that you may be learning their bad habits as well – and those habits could get you into trouble over time.

Company-sponsored truck driver training schools can be a good choice if costs are a problem. However, that statement does come with a caveat – read the fine print.

Company-sponsored schools are often only cheap if you are employed by that trucking company at the end of the training. If you are not employed by them, you may be required to pay a much higher tuition fee. Always read the fine print. Private truck driver training schools owe the allegiance to the industry in general – their aim is to provide good drivers who can work for any company. Private truck driver training schools are not all created equally – some are good, and some bad, just like life in general. How do you tell the difference? A little research.

Truck driver training costs

Cost is always a big factor, however, be sure to research cost from every angle. Some private truck driver training schools advertise a low tuition fee, then hit you with a lot of extra fees either during or at the end of your training. Be sure to ask a prospective training school if the fees quoted are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the training. If they don’t, then follow up to see what additional costs are involved.

Truck driver training schedules

You should also take a closer look at the actual training schedules offered by a private truck driver training school. Are they Monday – Friday? Can you have a weekend training option so you can continue work? You may also want to inquire about any online options as well. By canvassing their training schedules, you may find that truck driver training is not as intrusive as you may think.

Post training job placements

If a truck driver training school guarantees you post-training employment , be sure to ask if it is employment as a truck driver. One school guaranteed employment, however, after completing training, graduates were offered work as laborers, not truck drivers. It’s impossible to guarantee employment to anyone – no offense, but you may be totally unemployable, have a poor work ethic, or be a bit of a cowboy who doesn’t follow the rules. No one will employ that sort of person.

Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools tick all of  those boxes. Our fees are comprehensive with no secret add-ons. We have a very flexible training schedule that includes weekday, weekend, or online training. Finally, we don’t guarantee employment at the conclusion of your training, however, we do guarantee to work with you to find that all-important first job. Assess your training options carefully – your decision will impact on your career as a successful truck driver.

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