Become A Truck Driver And Join A Community That Really Cares

//Become A Truck Driver And Join A Community That Really Cares

There are several industries around the country that really do help members in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, the majority of careers don’t offer a lot. When you become a truck driver, you’re joining a community that belongs to the former – a community that really does care. A recent article on really highlighted how caring the truck driving community is. Here is a short list of the areas where truck drivers help each other, and the community at large.

  • TransAlive – provides assistance to drivers who need a lift home when there are no other option.
  • St. Christopher Fund – provides assistance to drivers and their families during hardship caused by medical problems.
  • Trucker Charity – helps truck drivers during times of need.
  • Transport for Christ and Truckstop Ministries both provide spiritual support to truck drivers and their families.
  • Women In Trucking – provides encouragement and support for women who are, or want to be, truck drivers.
  • Trucker Buddy – mentor school children by sending postcards to elementary school kids
  • Convoy for a Cure – as their motto states, “we only want to deliver a cure for breast cancer”.
  • Truckers Against Trafficking – a contact point for truckers who witness and wish to report illicit drug activities

I am sure that list just touches on some of the groups and organizations that have been set up to help truck drivers, not just in a time of need, but to help the rest of the community. Trucker Buddy, for example, is an international organization that matches drivers with a school class. Drivers write to their class relating their experiences and class writes back talking about their school work.

Truck drivers are often thought to be tough talking hard men. The reality is far different. Truck drivers are no different to you and I; they care, they look after their own, and they try to help out the community wherever possible. Christmas is coming, and you can bet truck drivers will be there helping out, driving Santa around or driving around collecting toys for the less fortunate. If you train to be a truck driver, you’ll be joining a dedicated group of men and women who really do like their jobs, and who really do care about their community.

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