Behind Every Successful Driver Was A Good Instructor

//Behind Every Successful Driver Was A Good Instructor

One of the most important components to becoming a successful truck driver is to receive truck driver training from a good instructor. Any truck driver can teach you to drive a truck, however, there is a good chance that a bad instructor will miss out on important areas, or worse, teach you bad habits. You know you’re in trouble with an instructor when they suggest that “this is the right way but this is how I do it.” The right way is in place for a reason – fail to follow the “right way” and “you could wind up in serious trouble legally, or worse yet, cause a serious accident.”

Good truck driving instructors are hard to come by. They need to be good truck drivers to begin with, however, they also need to be good communicators and ready to follow a training plan without deviation (especially to “my way of doing things”). At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, we pride ourselves on the quality of our instructors. They are our front line, the individuals that trucking companies rely on to produce top quality truck drivers.

There is more to truck driver training than just showing a student how to drive a truck. One of the more important aspects is honest feedback – telling a student what they are doing well, and the areas they need to work harder on to succeed.  Learning to drive a truck is not learning to be a truck driver – there is a distinct difference.  Areas such as maintaining accurate log books, undertaking basic maintenance and pre-trip inspections are also important.

Given our reputation with the transport industry, our instructors must be doing a great job. Our drivers are often snapped up quickly after graduating and they go on to having great careers as truck drivers. If you’re considering a career as a truck driver, don’t take second best when it comes to learning how to become a truck driver – find a team of good instructors and you’re well on the way to building that career.

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