Being An Accredited Truck Driver Training School Is Not Enough

//Being An Accredited Truck Driver Training School Is Not Enough

Many years ago truck drivers learned their craft by having a friend or relative show them the ropes. Back then trucks were a little simpler, the roads were far less busy, and commercial drivers licenses were far easier to obtain – if you needed one. Today, the roads are much busier, the speeds and loads are much greater, and the testing required to obtain a commercial drivers license is far more stringent.

More importantly, employers are looking for certain standards when they employ a truck driver, especially a novice who is new to the industry. Employers are also keen to see that piece of paper that tells them who delivered your training. Having someone show you the ropes just doesn’t cut it anymore – in fact, it’s probably the opposite – no one knows whether or not you have picked up that drivers bad habits as well.

The accreditation of training schools has one big benefit to everyone – employers, students and the training school itself – it sets a minimum standard. Some truck driver training schools exceed those minimum standards and produce high quality drivers that are ready to start to work. These are the training schools that employers show preferences for when looking at applications for vacant positions.

When looking at truck driver training school, look beyond their accreditations. Look at the reputation that training school has with employers, and look at their history. Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools have been associated with truck driver training since 1963 – that almost 50 years. That makes us one of the oldest and most successful truck driver training schools in the United States. What makes us successful? We go beyond the basics and produce truck drivers who are ready for work – not just trained to minimum standards.

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