Building A Long Term Truck Driving Career

//Building A Long Term Truck Driving Career

If you want to build a successful career as a truck driver, then you need to think like a truck owner. In short, truck owners, be they one person owner-driver businesses or multinational companies with thousands of trucks, have one ambition in life – to make as much profit as possible. The bigger profit, the happier the owners are. A bigger profit also opens the door for trucking companies to increase their fleet, increase their routes, and increase their driver numbers. It also often means that older trucks can be retired and more modern (and more comfortable) trucks purchased as replacements.

So how can you as a truck driver help your employer make a profit? Profit, in simple terms, is income minus expenses, and for trucking companies that income is derived by the sale of space on their trucks. If truck drivers deliver their loads on time and with no damage incurred, then that trucking company’s reputation will grow – the better the reputation, the more business they can win.

That’s the income side of the equation – satisfying customers (no different to any other business really). Even little things like being polite to the customer when delivering their freight is an important consideration.

What about expenses? Trucks are costly to run. Consider the cost of fuel, tires, general maintenance and breakdown repairs and that will amount to tens of thousands each year – and we haven’t even covered your wages yet. From a trucking company’s point of view, if you can deliver a load on time, undamaged, and as cost effectively as possible, then your reputation as a wanted driver will grow.

Managing the costs that you have a direct effect on is therefore very important to your employer. Taking the shortest (and most practical) route will save on fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle. Doing a comprehensive inspection of your truck on a regular basis will help to identify small issues before they become a large problems. Undertaking regular maintenance tasks will also help to prevent problems developing. Finally, driving in a safe manner that doesn’t cause damage to your truck helps to reduce costs.

Truck drivers are no different to any other worker around the world. You are there to help your employer make a profit – if your actions help your employer achieve that goal, then you’ll always be a high demand driver.

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