Can You Find Your Way Around A Truck?

//Can You Find Your Way Around A Truck?

That may sound like a silly question – we can all find our way around the outside of a truck. However, my question refers more to the various parts of a truck. If I asked you to identify all of the air brake hoses and connections, could you? Terminology is an important of your truck driver training, and that’s particularly true of the parts and equipment found in and on a truck.

I am not sure a truck mechanic would appreciate being told that the thingamee-bob next to the whatsit is leaking strangle fluid. The mechanic would want to know what type of liquid was leaking, and the proper names for the parts involved. Truck driver training won’t cover every individual nut, bolt or part of a truck – it will, however, cover all of the important parts, particularly those that need regular inspections.

There is another reason for gaining a good understanding of the parts and equipment found on trucks, and that relates to the pre-trip inspections that every truck driver should perform. Your knowledge of pre-trip inspections will be tested before you can gain your commercial drivers license (CDL). If you fail this area, you will not receive your CDL no matter how well you drive a truck.

Truck driver training covers a broad area. It includes knowledge of road rules and regulations, how to drive a truck on the open road, truck driving safety, how to perform tricky maneuvers such as reversing, coupling and uncoupling trailers, and the parts and equipment that need to be inspected before every trip. If your truck driver training doesn’t include those topics, then you could be setting yourself up for failure when you are tested for your commercial drivers license. Before paying for any training, check on the course content to ensure you trained in all areas required to pass those tests.

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