Career Services Can Help Open Doors

//Career Services Can Help Open Doors

It doesn’t matter how much training you have or how good a driver you are, if you don’t have previous experience that an employer can refer to, then getting that all important first job can be difficult. One of the hardest parts is simply knowing where to look.  Determining which companies are prepared to employ new drivers is even harder. That’s where an experienced team can help you to open some of those doors.

The career services department at Diesel Truck Driver Training School have a great track record for helping students enter the work force. They start working with a student from the first week and they will continue to work with graduates well past graduation day. So what does the career services department offer?

Personal Career Counseling – students are interviewed in the first week to try and determine the type of industry and career they are looking for, and the geographic region they are prepared to work in. Students are then provided with a list of potential employers in that region that meet those needs. Ongoing career counseling is provided when required.

Soft Skills Training – soft skills are those skills that help you achieve your goal. These include employment application procedures, interviewing techniques and networking methods. It’s pointless knowing that a vacancy exists if your application process is flawed  – we try to iron out any problem areas.

Job Leads Database – imagine a database that contains thousands of potential employers, all related to the industry you’re interested in. Like all good databases, you can search by state, city, or zip code. That’s a gold mine of information that is almost impossible to put together yourself.

Career Services Website – the cream is in the career services website. Graduates can post their resume and employers can post any job vacancies. Employers can search through the resumes looking for a suitable graduate while graduates can search through job vacancies looking for an opening in their area.

Career services is an important addition to any training organization. While others train students and then wave goodbye at graduation – we train students, then work with them until they can find suitable employment – all at no additional cost.

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