Career Services Making A Difference To Peoples Lives

//Career Services Making A Difference To Peoples Lives

Graduates from our Diesel Truck Driving School have high success rates when it comes to careers in trucking. While our training is of a high standard, we are not the only trucking school in the nation that trains graduates to a point where they can gain their commercial drivers license. So why do we produce so many graduates that go on to build great careers? One important factor is our Career Services Department.

Rather than training new drivers then waving goodbye at graduation, we involve personnel from our Career Services Department from day one. More importantly, they are there to assist students through and beyond graduation to find satisfying jobs within the trucking industry. It is the after-training service we provide that often makes all the difference between success and failure in a graduate’s choice of career.

With a jobs lead database containing thousands of potential employers, graduates have a head start in seeking employment openings. Students (and graduates) can search the database to find potential employers in their preferred geographical region. Add to this a career website,, where job seekers can post resumes, and where employers can place job vacancies, and you have a comprehensive after-training career-oriented service.

During training, Career Service Department personnel will work with students to help them develop strategies that make them more employable. This includes soft skills such as interview techniques and preparing employment applications.

For many training businesses, they consider their job done when a student graduates and heads out into the world. At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, training is only one part of our job. Acquiring a commercial drivers license is also important since you cannot commence a trucking career without one. Assistance in finding that all-important first job is also a part of our philosophy – and it’s a philosophy we treat seriously. Our job is not really complete until you are successfully employed as a truck driver, and that’s why our Career Services Department is an important component of your training – they can and do make a difference to our graduates lives.

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