Career Services Put The Polish On Your Truck Driving Job Search

//Career Services Put The Polish On Your Truck Driving Job Search

Never underestimate the power of a good career services department at a truck driver training school. While the driving instructors can teach you all they know about truck driving, it is the career services personnel who ultimately influence your job application successes. Trucking companies are looking for drivers who are articulate, reliable, and above all else, good at what they do. The problem is, how do you convey your abilities to potential employers? In fact, who are your potential employers?  That’s where the career services department can help – they can put that final polish on your training and make you appealing to potential employers.

These days, there’s more to gaining a job than just ringing an employer and introducing yourself. Statistics show that in most occupations, soft skills related to how you present your job applications can improve your success rates by as much as 80%. Little things such as a resume that clearly lists your abilities, and that also lists referees can become important tools. Knowing how to respond during job interviews can help to leave positive impressions on potential employers. If they are interviewing a dozen people for a job vacancy, at the end of the process, you want to be the person who stands out in their memories – and that’s where those soft skills are important.

You can learn to be a truck driver in a few short weeks, and a good one too. However, without those soft skills, it could take you months to find that first truck driving job. Unfortunately, the longer you leave it between your training and that first job, the harder it will be to gain a job. Recent experience behind the wheel is very important when it comes truck driving.

At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, we hold our career services department in high esteem. While our trainers do the work preparing students for their important CDL tests, our career services personnel are preparing those same students for employment. As a student, don’t disregard those soft skills – they could make the difference between winning or losing the next job vacancy you apply to.

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