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Trashmen – Love or Hate Them

Trashmen. We all have seen them. We know the basic duties they perform. A trashman’s primary role is to either ride on or drive a garbage truck to collect trash along the assigned route and collect trash from businesses and residences. Sometimes there is automated trash pickup, where the driver operates an electronic lift that empties dumpsters or trash receptacles into the truck. At other times, a worker must lift the receptacles and dump them by hand into the

Points To Keep In Mind For Truck Drivers

You really don’t stop learning when you get out of trucking school. All that training is like a base you build your career on, and the way you build a good career is by keeping three points in mind. They all start with the letter “P” to make it easier: Practice — because the more you do something, the better you get at it. Practice turning in tight spots. Practice backing up. Practice the things you make mistakes on. Practice

Renewing Or Replacing Your Commercial Drivers License

Each state sets an expiration date for drivers licenses, and that includes commercial drivers licenses. In Wisconsin, the lifespan of a CDL is eight years, after which you will need to seek a renewal. Each renewal has a lifespan of eight years so over a forty year working life, a truck driver will need to renew their license five or six times. Renewing your CDL is a straightforward process, however, you will need to plan ahead, especially if you have

Tractors And Their Different Types Of Trailers

The term tractor-trailer is used to describe a vehicle that is made up of two or more components. The first component is the tractor, sometimes referred to as the semi or main rig. This is a vehicle that can be driven on the roads with or without a trailer. The trailer is a unit that is attached to the tractor, and in some areas, you are allowed to couple several of these units together behind the one tractor. In some

Truck Drivers Should Be Treasured Not Demeaned

Talk to many car owners and they’ll tell you they hate trucks on their roads. Note the “their roads” part of that statement. Truck drivers have been accused of a wide range of problems, yet statistics tell a very different story. It’s not just the statistics either. When you think about it, everything we eat, drink, wear and use in our lives has to be transported, and there will have been a truck or two involved in that transportation. What

A Commercial Drivers License For Non-Truck Drivers

It’s really not that difficult to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL). You will need to pass several knowledge-based tests, and you will have to pass a practical driving test. If you have a reasonably clean driving record and no major criminal offenses recorded against your name, and you can pass a medical assessment, then you’re the perfect candidate for a commercial drivers license. Whilst gaining experience is important, you don’t have to be a truck driver to have a

A Commercial Drivers License Doesn’t Guarantee A Trucking Career

Possessing a commercial drivers license doesn’t make you a truck driver. A commercial drivers license simply means you have passed the requirements to gain that license. Being a truck driver requires more – at least, if you want to have a career as a truck driver. Like all careers, a qualification indicates you have the skills, however, it doesn’t mean you have what it takes to succeed. This is one of the mistakes that many prospective truck drivers make when looking

Specialist Truck Driving Skills That Take Time And Practice

You can learn to drive a truck and gain a commercial drivers license in five weeks. Our training program will prepare you well for the workplace, however, there are some specialist skills that simply take time. There are some skills that you need to acquire before you place yourself in situations that could cause problems. Driving an over-sized load is a good example. A recent news article highlights the need for truck drivers to have a better awareness of their surroundings,

Commercial Drivers License Opens Doors For Everyone

A commercial drivers license is becoming one of those documents that many people could find useful. You don’t have to be a full-time truck driver to hold a commercial drivers license. If you undertake truck driver training and pass the required tests, the license is yours – all you need do is pass medical tests and remember to renew your license when it expires. So who is eligible for a commercial drivers license? There are few limitations. Health and age are

Why CDL Prep Tests Are Important

Schools have known for decades that one of the best ways to prepare a student for any sort of test is by doing a practice test. In many areas of education, real tests from previous years are used to help students – oddly enough, they are known as ‘prep tests’. We are strong believers in the use of prep tests for student truck drivers and consider them to be an important part of their learning. Why? I guess part of the