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Jobs That May Require A CDL

If you want to be a truck driver, then you need to acquire a commercial drivers license or CDL as it’s known in the profession. That’s fine for those who intend on being truck drivers, however, there are occupations that may require a CDL. In some cases, the CDL is an essential component. Jobs that may require a CDL include: Heavy equipment operators – whilst not compulsory, there are many employers who prefer their heavy equipment operators also have a CDL.

A CDL Is The First Step To A Great Career

A lot of people attend truck driver training in order to gain a CDL and then gain work as a truck driver. Once in the industry, they realize that the sky is really the limit. Why stop at truck driving – there are other opportunities that could open up in the future. The transport industry prefers to promote from within their own ranks rather than bringing in the unknown. Can a truck driver be promoted? They certainly can. One step

A CDL Is Useless Without A Regular DOT Medical Examination

Every truck driver on the road today is required to pass a series of DOT medical examinations. Not only must they pass this examination, they must have a copy of the Medical Examiner’s Certificate that verifies the successful assessment. In most cases, the certificate is valid for 24 months, so, in effect, a truck driver must undertake a DOT medical examination every two years. In some circumstances, a medical examiner can issue a DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate for less than

What Is A CDL Prep Test?

Obtaining CDL is generally undertaken in two stages – you learn the road rules and the regulations associated with truck driving, then pass a written test to prove you know these rules and regulations; and you learn to drive a truck, then undertake a practical test to prove you can drive trucks. If you don’t pass these two stages, you will not be issued with a commercial drivers license. There are those who will tell you that passing the written

Obtaining A CDL Couldn’t Be Easier

There are not many careers that pay as well as truck driving given the training that is required. Some experienced long distance truck drivers earn as much as $100k each year in wages and benefits. That’s not bad for a career that involves only five weeks of training, then a commitment to learn on the job (whilst getting paid). I won’t say that’s the norm, however, most experienced truck drivers bring home at least half of that $100k figure. So what’s

Truck Driving As A Secondary Skill

Whilst much of our focus is on training individuals for a truck driving career, there is a need for other workers for truck driving skills, and the commercial drivers licensed required to drive trucks. An obvious example that is related to our training is heavy equipment operators. You don’t generally require a commercial drivers license to operate heavy equipment, however, if you are going to move your equipment from one location to another by truck, then you’re going to need

Commercial Drivers License More Precious Than Credit Cards

If you take the time, effort and money to train to become a truck driver, then you need to think carefully about everything you do. Your commercial drivers license (CDL) is your ticket to a great career. Lose that CDL and you’ll lose your career. With that in mind, you should consider it one of the most precious things in your life; certainly more precious than a credit card, for example. If you lose one of them, it’s simply a

What’s The Fastest Way To Become A Truck Driver?

A common question. What’s the fastest way to become a truck driver? The decision to become a truck driver can be difficult since there are so many variables involved; for example, do you mind being away from home as a long distance truck driver? The process is the same is for all truck drivers: career selection; training; assessment; employment. Career Selection: You need to decide on the type of truck you want to drive and that may dictate that certain endorsements are

The CDL Theory Tests Need Not Be Daunting

I hate tests and I am sure I am not alone. Strangely enough, I don’t mind practical tests. I guess showing someone I can do something like drive a truck is easy. When it comes to memorizing a lot of rules and regulations and then having to answer written questions about those rules, well, that’s a different story. What I do know is that practice does help, and the more times you can practice the easier it becomes. You will need

Do You Meet The Regulatory Requirements To Be A Truck Driver?

You can’t just wake up one day and decide you want to become a truck driver. You need to be trained, and you need to pass written and practical assessments of your abilities and knowledge. There are also regulatory requirements that must be met, and if you don’t meet these requirements, then you cannot receive your commercial drivers license and work as a truck driver. These regulatory requirements include: Health: Passing a health check before being awarded your commercial drivers