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How Much Training Do You Need To Gain A Commercial Drivers License?

When you read articles about truck driver training, it can sometimes appear that the emphasis is all on the training organization and not on you. One reason behind this is the difficulty some training organizations have in tailoring training programs to meet the needs of an individual.  It can be done, however, the only way to find out is by sitting down and discussing your training needs with a truck driver training organization. At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, we

Converting A Commercial Drivers License Into A Job

It takes dedication and good training to earn a commercial drivers license (CDL). I use the term ‘earn’ specifically as these licenses are not just handed out to anyone. The tests that each state administer to assess whether or not an individual is capable of driving a large (and dangerous) truck are tough. In fact, without good training, you’ll struggle to get past the road rules test, let alone the driving test. However, a commercial drivers license on its own

Getting The Pre-Trip Inspection Right

When attempting to gain a commercial drivers license, you will need to pass a series of tests. One of the tests you need to pass is a pre-trip inspection. Fail this test and you will not be able to complete the remainder of your CDL tests. A pre-trip inspection is not a normal part of most people’s driving. If you have a car license, you simply jump in, start the engine, and head off – you never bother with any form

The Steps Required To Receive A CDL

Obtaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) is a little different than obtaining a standard car license. Holders of a CDL need to pass Department of Transport (DOT) medical tests along with a drug test. You will also need to pass several written and practical tests. Below are the steps required to receive a CDL. Recommended but not mandatory – acquire a CDL manual for your state. This has all the information required including road rules and regulations. Undertake the written test for

A Commercial Drivers License Is The Highest License Available

When it comes to driving vehicles on our open roads, the Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is the highest license available to any driver. For that reason, it isn’t just given away – you have to earn the right to hold one. Earning that right requires several factors that must come together – these factors include an ability to drive a truck, knowledge of the road rules, be physically fit enough to drive (including eyesight), and of good character

How To Obtain A Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

Obtaining a commercial drivers license is really only slightly different than obtaining a standard car license. You will need to prove that you understand the road rules as they pertain to truck driving. You will also need to prove that you know what the various components of a truck are and safety rules associated with trucking. Naturally, you will also need to prove that you can actually drive a truck, and this will include maneuvers such as reversing and parking. To