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unsecured loads

Unsecured Loads, how do they cause accidents and how to stop it

Any driver training will always emphasize the importance of securing loads properly, and that is simply because unsecured loads do not just cause problems for the driver, but they can cause accidents, often big ones. In fact, it’s a big problem on the roads in America, an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study carried out in 2016 found that debris on the road was involved with more than 200,000 accidents. Just to underline the seriousness of that, of those 200,000


Safety – Wireless Headsets

Safety should be at the forefront of every heavy equipment operator or driver’s mind in everything to do. That is not only to protect ourselves, but those around us as we work, but in some environments, we need all the help we can get to ensure that focus on safety is maintained. Whether operating a truck, crane, lift or other heavy equipment in restricted spaces which can happen often, can really challenge operator skills, but also the safety and stability of

Stay Healthy On The Road With This Top Tip

Staying healthy when you are driving all the time can be a real challenge — that’s why truck drivers are notoriously not healthy at all. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, if you decide you will follow through on your healthy lifestyle decisions. There are many ways that you can be accountable for eating healthy and exercising regularly, but the best tip of all is this: Don’t make the same mistake twice. You know that mistake we all make…”oops, didn’t

How Safe Is Your Job?

This April 3, 2014 press release reports that the United States Department of Transportation has ordered the shutdown of a trucking company. DND International, Inc. was proven to have “committed widespread, serious violations of federal regulations that protect the safety fo the motoring public.” And what, you ask, are these serious violations? Ignoring the limitations on hours a driver is behind the wheel each shift, and falsifying records. The investigation revealed a pattern in the company of pushing

How Truck Drivers Stay Safe On The Road

Truck drivers ply their trade in a public way – on the open highway.  There they must confront a whole range of potential dangers, some externally and many internally. A good truck driver will drive in such a way that each of these potential dangers is taken into account and that every possible precaution is taken to prevent any accidents from occurring. A lot is said about the external dangers to a truck driver. These include weather, the state of the

If I Had One Truck Driving Safety Tip To Offer

The focus of truck driver training has always been on safety. I know that’s a big call, however, when you think about it, the focus on all trucking rules and regulations is safety. In fact, the main aim behind all road rules is purely safety. Speed restrictions are in place, not for the fun of it as some people think, but for safety since that restricted speed is thought to be the ‘safest’ maximum speed. It may surprise you then

Defensive Driving The Key To Truck Driver Safety

You may consider yourself a very safe driver, and you may well take that safety-conscious approach to a trucking career, however, that doesn’t mean you’ll avoid accidents. Unfortunately, you will have to share the road with other drivers, and they may not be a safe or as smart as you. If you take a truck driving approach that assumes that every other vehicle is a danger to you, you may be able to prevent incidents. This approach is often referred

Concentration A Truck Driver’s Biggest Threat

Truck drivers put up with a lot of nonsense as they ply their trade. Cars pay them little respect, either that or they are overly cautious, which in itself can cause problems. Highway patrols are not always welcome, and events such as traffic accidents and weather can also create problems. All that aside, concentration is a far bigger risk to truck drivers, and there are periods where concentration is more likely to cause issues. To be successful, a truck driver needs

Myth or Fact: Good Truck Drivers Don’t Have Accidents

Do good truck drivers have accidents? It’s not unusual to hear a truck driver brag that they have never been in an accident. Of course, you could question their definition of an accident. Does the fact they have never had an accident make them a good truck driver, or just a lucky one? The reality is that almost every truck driver has been involved in an incident or two – not necessarily a serious incident, but an incident nevertheless. That

Advanced Driving Techniques Required Of Commercial Truck Drivers

There’s more to driving a truck than just knowing the road rules, steering, changing gears, accelerating and braking – the basic skills that all car drivers must learn and prove themselves to be proficient at. Commercial truck drivers obviously need those skills as well, however, there are many more skills that would-be truck drivers need to learn. Some of the more basic skills include: Map reading, Trip planning, Department of Transportation laws, particularly as they relate to load limits and log