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Truck Driving Safety A Key To A Successful Career

Everyone wants to live and work in a safe environment, and despite what many say, truck drivers are no different. Sure, they push the boundaries, however, that push is generally created by truck drivers themselves being pushed. People want their goods delivered as quickly as possible. Businesses want their raw materials delivered as quickly as possible – and everyone wants this done as cheaply as possible. There is the added problem whereby truck drivers are only paid by the mile

Winter Puts Truck Driving Safety To The Real Test

There’s nothing like a sudden freezing winter snap to test the skills of a truck driver. For truck drivers, winter brings many challenges with the greatest coming from hidden black ice. This is ice on the road that is difficult to see until you hit it, and your wheels and brakes suddenly start to lose their grip. However, the roads themselves are only one part of the test that truck drivers face each winter. Simply parking for a few hours to

Why Truck Drivers Need To Be Licensed

They say we live in a free country, yet we need to have licenses for many of the things we do. We need a license to drive a car and there are even more stringent tests to gain a commercial drivers license. So why do we need licenses? I know some people would cynically argue that licenses are just another revenue stream for governments – and I dare say they have been used to that end at times too.

Anticipation And Quick Reflexes A Truck Drivers Best Friend

Computer games are often frowned on, especially by parents and educators. Yet computer games could be helping to develop a special type of person – people who can anticipate what’s about to happen and who have quick reflexes to deal with that event. They are skills that are important to several careers, including the military, pilots, emergency services, and truck driving. Experienced truck drivers learn to read the road and the traffic. Good truck drivers can anticipate what is about to

What Is A Truck Driver’s Number One Philosophy?

Truck drivers ply their trade across a huge range of vehicles. Some drive dump trucks, busily zipping around carting loads of materials that are dumped, then returning to be filled again. Local truck drivers deliver goods to our shops, supermarkets and construction sites. Long distance truck drivers deliver goods across the nation, sometimes even across international borders. Truck drivers all have several common philosophies. Arriving on time is highly important. We live in a society in which just-on-time delivery is the

Truck Driving Safety – Sometimes You Can Get Lucky

There are times where, in life, you can just be plain lucky. For one recent Russian truck driver, luck played a huge role in an accident that he could just walk away from – in fact, if you check out this video, you’ll see he had no option but to walk away. When it comes to truck driving safety, there are one or two observations we can make from this video. The first is how lucky the driver was not

Truck Driver Safety Relies Heavily On Decision Making Skills

Driving has always been an activity where spur of the moment decisions can either cause or prevent serious accidents. When it comes to truck driving, the same is true. However, some trucks are so big that decisions often need to be made up to a minute prior to an event if an incident is to be avoided. A minute may be an exaggeration, however, if you consider that some big rigs can take a hundred yards or more to stop,

Truck Driver Safety= IMPORTANT

The trucking industry is huge. It is a secure field to work in and there are plenty of available positions. By attending training school, you can become a qualified driver. One important factor to consider in this field is safety. A big safety issue within the trucking industry is rollovers. Unfortunately it is not difficult for a big truck to roll. There are many factors that come into play when judging how easily they will roll. An empty trailer will go

Truck Drivers Facing New Traffic Safety Issues and Distractions

Just last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration commissioned two different research studies to examine the safety of commercial truck drivers in 2012. While the research studies will allow for some long-standing safety issues to be examined, plenty of the focus will be paid to rising problems such as distracted driving. One of the research studies will be conducted focusing on wait times at loading docks and what kind of effect they have on the fatigue of drivers. Another study

Diesel Truck Driver Training School & Safety

Truck driving is one of the largest industries in the world today. There are truck drivers that transport nearly every kind of product imaginable. Training is necessary to truly become a qualified driver. Driver’s must ibtain their CDL to gain employment in this field. The most important part of training for this fieldĀ is learning the ins and outs of safety. It is true that safety is important no matter what type of vehicle you are driving but it is on a