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Fast food

Fast Food – latest on Driver Shortage

Fast food is next inline to see the affects of driver shortages. Here is a great article on the shortage of CDL truck drivers from MSN. Leslie Patton and Matt Townsend Let’s help America by putting you in the driver seat. Receive your Class-A CDL in 3 weeks at Diesel Truck Driver Training School. You can apply online today or call toll free (800) 332-7364 to get started.

Truck Driver Jobs

CDL Truck Driver Jobs

Truck driver jobs play an important role in all industries. They transport goods from one location to another, making their way across the country. Most truck drivers operate trucks that have a gross vehicle weight (GVW) capacity, which means the combined weight of the cargo, passengers, and truck exceed 26,000 pounds. Truck drivers deliver goods over intercity routes and sometimes travel through several states. Choosing to be a CDL truck driver is a major lifestyle choice because you could


Farming and agricultural distribution

Farming is an essential industry, we would be lost without it, but that doesn’t mean that it should just stay as it is forever. In fact, farming has constantly evolved throughout history, adapting to new demands and incorporating new technology as it has appeared. Today, farming faces some of the greatest challenges ever, with environmental impact being a particular factor that covers every stage of farming and ag distribution. From the need to reduce our reliance on chemical pesticides and herbicides

Trucking Opportunities

New Opportunities in 2018

As a new year begins, we all look forward, thinking about the future and what it has to offer. For heavy machinery operators and CDL truck drivers, this can be thoughts of the job prospects this coming 12 months may bring, but what exactly will 2018 bring? CDL truck drivers have several concerns about the future, especially as electric trucks such as the offering from Tesla promise to change the transportation industry itself. However, if we examine the new technology, it

Stay On Top Of Paperwork

One of the pains in life is paperwork. It’s that way for us all, and a truck driver is really no different. In some ways, the paperwork for a truck driver might be worse, depending on the particular job you are holding. The secret to not getting overwhelmed is staying on top of it as much as possible. Your paperwork requirements might be digital instead of on actual paper, but the same thing still applies. You need to do it as

Do Self-Driving Trucks Still Need Drivers?

There’s been a lot of discussion with the world premiere of Daimler’s Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025. And since they expect autonomous trucks to be part of the picture in the next few decades, drivers just getting started are wondering if they should be in this industry. In a word: YES. Self-driving trucks need drivers like commercial airlines need pilots. The plane that is carrying tons of cargo and passengers overhead may be on autopilot, but the human pilot is still

Rookie Mistakes — Not Planning Your Route

One of the mistakes a driver makes early in his career is trusting the directions you are handed. This means when you miss a turn, or they made a mistake, you are in big trouble because you have no idea where you are. Get A Bigger Picture If you plan your route by looking at a map and seeing how those directions play out, you are ahead of the game.Take advantage of all the information available to plan your route before you

Helpful Tips For Trucker Families

One of the most important jobs in the country is the long-haul truck driver. This job is important because so much in our lives comes over the road in the back of a truck. But most of the time, that important job isn’t appreciated by many. The family of the long-haul truck driver has to be flexible and part of the team, especially when there are kids to raise. It isn’t impossible, because many families do it all the time

Tips For New Truck Drivers

This is a list of good advice from drivers who have already spent some time on the road. A lot of them are just common sense, but every one probably has a story behind it: Safety regs are not things to ignore because “you know what you are doing” Being alert to traffic, weather conditions, road construction etc. keeps you ready to respond Don’t assume you know what a different truck or load entails–ask Be nice to your dispatcher. They decide who gets loads Don’t

Tips On How To Start A Successful Truck Driving Career

Driving trucks can be a very rewarding career, however, if you don’t start out right, your career may grind to a rapid halt. There are three major steps involved in starting a successful career as a truck driver – learning how to drive a truck, finding your first truck driving job, and keeping that first truck driving job. So why are they important? Learning to drive a truck Don’t underestimate the value of a reputable truck driver training school. When faced with