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Truck Driving Careers Really Are Gender Neutral

A recent article related to women truck drivers has pointed out that this career is one of the few that really is gender neutral. One statement really caught the eye and is well worth repeating and thinking about here1: “When you’re a professional driver, the steering wheel doesn’t know whether you’re a man or a woman!” The article goes on to describe how pay rates in most work places still discriminate against women. The exception is in truck driving careers where wage

Long Distance The Easiest Path To A Trucking Career

Long distance truck driving offers one of the easiest entries into a trucking career for new drivers. Long distance companies often find that these jobs are the hardest to fill due to the demands they place on drivers. However, as an initial job, these positions teach new drivers a lot and they certainly provide a wealth of experience. Once you have handled a long distance job, you can handle almost any other truck driving job there is. There are a number

Husbands And Wives Make Great Truck Driving Teams

Truck driving was once seen as a man’s domain – a career that only men could succeed at. Over the last 20 years, this has changed dramatically and there are now a lot of women driving trucks. There has also been an interesting trend where women have taken up truck driving as part of a team with their husbands. This is generally seen in owner-operator situations and there is a good reason behind it. Trucks are expensive to run and

Truck Driving – Getting Paid To Travel The Country

There are not too many careers that pay you to see the country. Bus drivers do as do train drivers. You can throw in truck drivers to that mix as well, and they at least have some control over the route and where and when they stop. Speaking of stopping, if you ever want the best highway food across the country, just check out where all the interstate rigs stop to eat – you can bet they serve up great

Why Choose Trucking For A Long Term Career?

The trucking industry is really one of the oldest industries in the U.S. It can trace its roots back to the stage coach days where drivers would pull freight and passengers half way across the country. While ever we rely on trade for food and the necessities in life, like the stage coach days, trucking will be there to assist that trade. Back in the stage coach days, the one philosophy was that the coach had to get through, and

Trucking Careers That Come With Challenges

While most people consider truck driving to be a fairly easy occupation, the reality can often be the exact opposite. Yes, truck drivers do spend most of their working life sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle traveling from point A to point B. However, consider how you would deal with some of these jobs. Tanker Drivers Tanker drivers that carry food grade material can find their job quite a strain. If they are carrying liquids and the tanker is not

The Perfect Trucking Career Has You Home Before The Kids

A trucking career has a lot to offer new recruits. You can drive long distance freight runs, daily intrastate runs, or, for the family oriented, a job that has you out of the house early in the morning but back at home before the kids get home from school. These truck drivers are those that work locally, often in association with the construction industry. The construction industry relies on trucks for a number of task. In fact, it relies on number

It Takes A Special Person To Work As A Long Distance Truck Driver

Long distance truck drivers are a special breed. They are away from home for long periods of time and often need to sleep in special compartments located behind their driving seats. Long distance truck drivers also spend long hours on the road, a factor that can really test concentration levels. The upside is that these drivers often get to spend several days at home before taking another run, are well paid, and get to really know the best truck stops along

Trucking Careers For Women And Migrants

While trucking careers have long been a male bastion, that doesn’t mean that women haven’t been successful. In fact, there are a large number of women driving trucks on today’s roads, and they have made very successful careers of the profession. One of the positives about trucking is that it is non-discriminatory when it comes to race and gender. If you can read and understand English, then you can gain

Local Truck Driving Offers Plenty Of Variety

I know that one of the concerns that some individuals have when it comes to truck driving is the long distances behind the wheel and the fact that many drivers spend many nights away from their families. While those jobs do exist, there are plenty of local truck driving jobs and you’ll be surprised at how varied they are. Our community relies on trucks. From farm gate to rubbish dump, everything relies on trucks and the skills of truck drivers –