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Is Truck Driving Too Dirty For Women?

Truck driving can be a challenging job, especially if you’re a women. The job can be more challenging if you take pride in your looks since the job can be dirty and not kind on the skin. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep your good looks and work as a truck driver. You just need to be aware of the problems and to take the right precautions. A good example is finger nails. Long finger nails are not a great idea.

Truck Driving No Longer An Environmentally Unfriendly Job

Clean technology has become an important issue in society and for the trucking industry this has meant looking at ways to minimize pollution caused through the burning of diesel fuels. Many trucking companies have taken up new technologies, either through the use of trucks that minimize gas emissions or by switching over to the cleaner biofuel and biodiesel. In the past, trucks were notorious for belching out clouds of black and/or blue smoke. Whilst there are still some older vehicles

Truck Stops – The Truck Drivers Home Away From Home

How does a truck driver handle the long lonely hours behind the wheel? There are a number of ways and one of them is their home away from home – the great American truck stop. Truck stops range in size from small roadside fuel pump stations to large plazas with multiple amenities, the largest offering everything from dental services and movie theaters to luxury overnight accommodations. The larger truck stops are run by major chains, and there is a good

Why Young Women Are Turning To Trucking Careers

One of the real growth areas in trucking is the number of women who are making careers of truck driving. I’m not talking about local or short haul truck drivers either. I’m talking about long distance truck drivers. What is of particular interest is the number of young women who are entering the industry. Current statistics suggest there are as many as 250,000 women working as truck drivers, and the majority of these drivers are under 35 – this is

There’s A Lot To Like About Truck Driving

These days it’s hard to define the ”average” truck driver. The lure of the open highway attracts people from all walks of life, and sometimes you’d be surprised at who was driving a truck alongside you. Today, there are truck drivers who were accountants, lawyers, police officers, and even politicians, in a previous career. Sure, we see of lot of people who are entering the trucking industry as their first career, however, they are still in the minority –

The Benefits Of Maintaining A Good Truck Driving History

You can be one of the best truck drivers in the world, but does your truck driving history show this? For many drivers, it will. However, I am sure you have heard people complaining about their credit history and how credit reporting agencies have made mistakes about their history. Truck drivers have a similar history, and that too can have errors – errors that could result in you missing out on a top paying job. The bigger problem for truck drivers

Truck Drivers Have A Great Social Life

You would think that driving a truck all day could be quite a lonely job. In a way it is, but then again, truck drivers have learned over time to take advantage of every opportunity afforded them. Take a long distance truck driver’s social life. Whilst a truck driver is confined to their driving cab for long hours, there is the two-way radio – something that truck drivers have really mastered over the years to a point where it has

How Truck Drivers Control Their Income

There are many career options that allow individuals to control their income flow. Most of these careers are commission-based, or based on how many hours you work. Truck drivers have limits to their driving hours, so that option is limited in its ability to change incomes. There are other options, and some of these options can have a significant impact on a truck drivers income. Long distance truck drivers are not paid on hours worked. Rather, they are paid on miles

How To Transition To A Trucking Career Without Losing Income

Making the transition from one career to another can be difficult. There’s always that gap between careers that can be hard financially, more so if you have a family and mortgage to cover. This is one of the obstacles that stops people changing careers, yet when it comes to truck driving, it needn’t be an issue. You can transition into a trucking career with minimal impact on your income. In the past, your only option was to quit one job, undertake

There’s Trouble On The Horizon For US Transport

Our transport industry is running the risk of coming to a standstill. Not a complete standstill, but a situation that could become a crisis. Why? Quite simply, we’ll run out of truck drivers. Truck drivers are starting to retire faster than we can train new drivers, and that is set to worsen as baby boomers hit retirement age. Long distance truck driving will be hit hardest as new younger truck drivers look for local work rather then long distance, just