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The Dangers Of Truck Drivers Carrying Concealed Firearms

There are times when I’m sure a truck driver would have liked to have a firearm close by. More so if they are transporting goods that criminals find attractive. There are, however, several dangers for a truck driver when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon, and I’m not talking about any dangers related to the firearm, or from criminals. Federal law makes it perfectly legal for truck drivers to carry firearms (as long as they have permits) and it

How Times Are Changing For Truck Drivers

It would be nice if you could qualify for a job then just get on and do it. In most workplaces, the job evolves over time, generally for the better. Truck driving is no different – you can’t obtain a commercial drivers license then work as a truck driver, oblivious to everything else. Truck driving as a job is evolving, sometimes for the better and sometimes not depending on which side of the fence you are sitting. There are moves

Trucking Laws Are There For A Reason And They Need To Be Learnt

Like them or hate them, trucking laws are in place for a reason; and to become a truck driver, you have to know them. There is really no escape – you will be tested on your knowledge of these laws, and if you don’t pass, you won’t receive your truck driving permit. That permit is the key that opens the door to learning to drive a truck. Without your truck driving permit, you’re not permitted to drive on a public

Trucking Laws Are Very Different To General Road Rules

It is a big mistake to try and compare trucking laws to general road rules. In general, truck drivers have to follow the road rules like every other driver. Trucking laws relate to a much wider category that is designed to regulate how trucks are loaded, and how much time drivers spend behind the wheel. Road rules are designed to make our roads safer and easier to use. Trucking laws extend those rules to ensure that large very heavy trucks

Trucking Laws – Truck Drivers Education Is Never Complete

Just because you have graduated from a truck driver training school and received your CDL, that doesn’t mean your education is complete. In fact, it’s just the opposite, your truck driving education has only just begun. Like most jobs around the world, you’ll need to learn the basics as they relate to your employer: How they want the paperwork completed, and when; How they want their cargo loaded and off-loaded; and The preferable driving routes There is one area where your career

Keeping Up To Date With Trucking Laws

If you want a long and happy (and successful) career as a truck driver, then you’re going to have to keep your commercial drivers license clean.  You need to minimize any issues with your license, especially those that could potentially see your license suspended or cancelled. The first step to achieving this is current knowledge of all the relevant trucking laws. There are a number of ways of achieving this. If you work for a good company, especially a trucking company,

Truck Drivers Facing New Traffic Safety Issues and Distractions

Just last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration commissioned two different research studies to examine the safety of commercial truck drivers in 2012. While the research studies will allow for some long-standing safety issues to be examined, plenty of the focus will be paid to rising problems such as distracted driving. One of the research studies will be conducted focusing on wait times at loading docks and what kind of effect they have on the fatigue of drivers. Another study

Drug Testing – Not If, But When?

Many believe that the freewheeling lifestyle of some truck drivers is for them. Many of the same people think that this lifestyle includes drinking and partying around the country in roadhouses and truck stops. This may have been true in the past, but today’s highly regulated trucking industry does not mess around with their drug testing policies. These rules may appear strict, but are a necessary evil when dealing with truck driving. A truck driver can count on

New Hours of Service Final Ruling

Highway safety is everyone’s responsibility, but this is especially true for truck drivers who are flying down the highway with several tons of steel under their control. Of course, there are many factors that can affect the safety of a truck on the highway, but the driver is ultimately going to be responsible if something goes wrong. For this reason, rules and regulations have been put in place to try and keep drivers safe while on their routes. One

Trucking Laws Can Be One Of The Hardest Parts Of Truck Driving

One of the more tedious, and often difficult, areas of truck driving is that which relates to trucking laws. As a truck driver, you cannot use lack of knowledge as a defense – lawyers often take pleasure in the quote “ignorance can never be used a defense.” Truck drivers then need to keep themselves updated on all new laws whilst also operating under existing laws. Your knowledge of these laws should start with your complete CDL training program. It can