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Cement Trucks

Cement Truck Driving – a rewarding challenge

One of the greatest things about a career as a truck driver is that there are endless possibilities to find something you love doing every day. While most people think about long distance haulage when they talk about truck driving, there are many other options, and one that really is very different is cement truck driving. Driving a cement truck, often known as a ready mixer, requires high levels of driving skill, as does any truck driving position, but it

Dump Truck

A Dump Truck or A Rock Truck?

A dump truck is a common sight all over the country, on construction sites of all kinds, dump trucks are used to get rid of unwanted materials, and we are all familiar with them. Large trucks with an open and flat load area for ease of loading on site, especially for the common skid steers, backhoes and excavators. Once loaded, dump trucks deliver material to the required destination and offload, usually through a mechanical process. This can be the entire load

What Kind Of Truck Driver Do You Want To Be?

How many kinds of truck driving jobs are there? The answer is, “Lots and lots.” Pretty much any industry will involve some kind of trucking job, but here is a partial list of possibilities: Freight hauler Construction hauler Hazardous materials hauler Tank hauler Flat bed hauler Local hauler (home at night) Road driver (gone about a week at time) Long haul driver (gone 3 weeks or more each trip) Low boy hauler Small doubles Large doubles Triples Small Straight trucks Other specialized hauling Just being “a truck driver” is such a generalized statement that

Tips For Driving Refrigerated Trucks

Driving a refrigerated truck means you need to be trained in this specific type of job because there are some differences in how you’ll operate. The insides of the truck need to be kept clean and clear because that affects the way the cold air moves around the cargo. Some drivers use a battery-operated leaf blower to “sweep” out the dry debris and Blue Beacon to clean up wet spills. A milk crate works great for keeping all the cleaning

How To Get A Good Look At Different Truck Types

I know there are a few people who have shown interest in becoming truck drivers, however, they have no idea what type of truck they want to drive, or the kind of freight they want to carry. If you are a complete novice when it comes to truck types, then there are a number of ways to gather information on truck types. Some of these approaches include: Using the Internet – the Internet is great, and you’ll gain a lot of

Heavy Equipment Transport Truck Drivers Have Plenty To Think About

One of the more interesting truck driving jobs is that of a heavy equipment transporter. In most cases, these jobs are considered local with drivers generally starting early in the morning and finishing in the middle of the afternoon. There are occasions when you need to drive out of your local area, however, you will still be home that day – it’s quite rare to have an overnight stay away from home. Heavy equipment transport drivers have a lot to consider,

Refrigerated Trucks Place Extra Demands On Drivers

When it comes to truck driving, refrigerated trucks are often just lumped in with every other truck. In truth, each truck type has its own demands, and refrigerated trucks are no different. We are all familiar with refrigerated vans than travel from shop to shop delivering cold goods – refrigerated trucks are just much larger versions, and they travel across the nation delivering cold goods in bulk. Perishable goods require special handling. A truck driver would normally drive from A

Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Truck Driver?

Truck driving comprises a major portion of the transportation industry. Freight is the most common method of moving goods across the country and as long as there are goods to move, there are truck-driving jobs to be had. But a truck-driving job isn’t just a job – it’s a lifestyle, and you’ll want to make sure it’s the right lifestyle for you. To determine if driving a big rig is the right career move for you, talk to as many drivers

Dump Truck Driving: The Bigger The Truck The Easier It Gets

It may surprise many to learn that the bigger the dump truck, the easier it can be to drive. Take the massive Terex Titan shown below. This is a massive dump truck that is used in mines to cart tons of ore from the mine face. These huge trucks are not designed to drive on the open road; they are designed to carry huge weights and so travel at much slower speeds. Their gearbox arrangements deliver a lot of power

What Type Of Truck Do You Want To Drive?

So you want to be a truck driver. Have you decided on what type of truck you want to drive? Have you decided where you want to drive? They are two very important questions, two questions that relate to each other, and two questions that could affect your truck driver training. Trucks are not the same – different types of trucks require different driving skills. A dump truck is shorter than most trucks, so it can be a little easier to