CDL Truck Driver Jobs

//CDL Truck Driver Jobs
Truck Driver Jobs

Truck driver jobs play an important role in all industries. They transport goods from one location to another, making their way across the country. Most truck drivers operate trucks that have a gross vehicle weight (GVW) capacity, which means the combined weight of the cargo, passengers, and truck exceed 26,000 pounds. Truck drivers deliver goods over intercity routes and sometimes travel through several states. Choosing to be a CDL truck driver is a major lifestyle choice because you could end up being away from home for several days or even weeks at a time.

Becoming a CDL Truck Driver

To become a CDL truck driver, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent and training from a professional truck driving school. There are different training programs for the different kinds of CDL’s available. You must successfully pass the written test at your state Department of MotorVehicles. You will then get a permit, so you can practice driving with a supervising driver. You will then complete the required training program and advance to your regular CDL.

Truck Driver Jobs Outlook

In 2017, the median pay for a truck driver was $42,480 annually or $20.42 per hour. This job requires short-term on-the-job training through a truck driving school. As of 2016, there were 1.871,700 truckers withCDLs in the United States. The job outlook indicated there will be a 6%increase in available CDL truck driver jobs from 2016 to 2026. That will be108,400 jobs, which is about average growth as far as job growth goes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As there is an increased demand for goods, more truck drivers will be needed to make sure the supply chain keeps moving as it should. But, in recent years, many trucking companies have struggled to have enough truck drivers to fill all their job openings, so there has already been an established demand before the 6% increase in job openings was figured in.

The Top Industries for Truck Driver Jobs

The trucking industry is broken down into several sub-industries. As of May 2017, the annual pay for truck drivers in the top industries and the industries in which they worked could be broken down into four segments. Truck transportation had a median salary of $44,020 followed by wholesale trade at $41,540 then construction at $40,320 and last, manufacturing at $39,990. Truck drivers are paid by the miles that they have driven in most cases, plus they sometimes receive bonuses. Each trucking company offers a different per-mile rate, and that rate might vary depending on the kind of cargo, the truck driver’s experience level, and whether the transports are short haul or long haul.

Getting the Proper Training

By going to a qualified truck driving school, you can get behind the wheel of a truck much more quickly and get qualified to head out on your own, opening more truck driver employment opportunities. ATS offers various kinds of specialized training, including truck driver training. To learn more about the program and options, call (800) 332-7364 today.

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