Commercial Drivers License More Precious Than Credit Cards

//Commercial Drivers License More Precious Than Credit Cards

If you take the time, effort and money to train to become a truck driver, then you need to think carefully about everything you do. Your commercial drivers license (CDL) is your ticket to a great career. Lose that CDL and you’ll lose your career. With that in mind, you should consider it one of the most precious things in your life; certainly more precious than a credit card, for example. If you lose one of them, it’s simply a matter of calling the lender and cancelling the card.

Once you start work as a truck driver, there are fairly strict rules and regulations in place that you must adhere to. These rules and regulations go far beyond the simply rules that a car driver must follow. Truck drivers, particularly long distance truck drivers, will frequently be asked to produce their log books. These detail a driver’s daily activities including rest breaks and sleep breaks. A truck driver has restrictions on how many hours they can spend behind the wheel, and there are minimum requirements when it comes to time away from the truck. You may get away with a sloppy log book once or  twice. Make it a habit and your license will disappear very quickly.

Drivers need to be careful, even when not driving their trucks. Being convicted of a drunk driving offense whilst driving a non-commercial vehicle could result in a cancellation of your drivers license. Drug related and other serious offenses could also impact on your truck driving career, especially endorsements such as the HazMat endorsement.

Fortunately, you won’t be entering a career as a truck driver blind to these rules and regulations. They are set out clearly for truck drivers and most good truck driver training schools cover these during their training sessions. You will need knowledge of many of these rules and regulations during the theory tests required to obtain a CDL.

Once you have your commercial drivers license, don’t take it for granted. It’s a license that is issued virtually for life if you follow those rules and regulations. Sure, you do need to renew that CDL regularly, and you will need to pass regular medical tests, however, you won’t need to pass either the theory or practical test again. How precious is a commercial drivers license to you?

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