Commercial Drivers Licenses For Green Card Holders

//Commercial Drivers Licenses For Green Card Holders

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding what a new arrival to the U.S. can and cannot do. While a Green Card does allow you to live and work legally in the U.S., can you still obtain a commercial drivers license? The answer is a most definite “yes.” Not only that, but in most cases you can also obtain endorsements such as the HazMat endorsement. The only difficulty a new arrival may have is in crossing the Canadian border. However, if your passport is still current, then that should not be an issue either.

We frequently see job advertisements for truck drivers that actually state – “U.S. citizen or Green Card holders.” This means employers are also prepared to employ new arrivals. There is a simple bottom line when it comes to truck driving – if you are a legal resident then you can legally obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL). When it comes to employment, if you can safely drive a truck, hold that CDL, and your work history (even offshore) is reasonably sound, then employers will consider you for employment.

When it comes to training, some truck driver training schools will offer training to anyone, even those who don’t qualify for a CDL. At Diesel Truck Driver Training School we welcome new arrivals who have a Green Card and who meet the requirements for a commercial drivers license. We provide complete training, both in the classroom and behind the wheel and help you through to obtaining your CDL. We’ll also help you obtain any endorsements that you may require.

If you have a Green Card, and you’re considering a career as a truck driver, then contact us for more information on training, and the opportunities available to new graduates. We are happy to say – welcome to the country, and welcome to a great career as a truck driver.

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