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//Contact Diesel Truck Driver Training School

The truck driving industry is one that has always had and will always have many available jobs. It is one of the largest fields in existence and a great place to begin a new career. It takes just a few weeks to become qualified and trained to be a successful truck driver. Diesel Truck Driver Training School is a great place to start. With financial assistance, career services, and so much more to offer, this school is the best choice for training to be a truck driver.

There are several ways to get started in training to begin your new career. Deisel Truck Driver Training School is located in Sun Prairie, WI. We have a nearby motel that provides housing for students during their short stay. If you have questions about the school or enrollment, you can contact the school at 800.332.7364 or directly at 608.837.7800. If you need to submit documentation, you can fax it to 608.825.6554.  You can also contact us by emailing

In order to get started, you can fill out the online contact form to request a phone call from the training school. If you would like to apply for enrollment right away, fill out the online enrollment application. You will receive confitmation of enrollment in no time and be on your way to becoming a qualified truck driver.

If you have questions about the programs offered or anything you see on the website, please contact us in any of the ways listed above. There are people in our offices waiting to talk with you and get you started in courses at Diesel Truck Driver Training School.

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