Convert Your Current Skills To A Trucking Career

//Convert Your Current Skills To A Trucking Career

There are many people around the country who already possess some of the skills required to make a good truck driver. Many are already working in the industry — for example, as a truck driver’s helper. Other occupations include those who work in areas involving freight handling such as loading and unloading trucks, and preparing freight for dispatch. Those individuals will have a lot of knowledge related to the documentation that is involved with freight movement, and in some cases, routes and standards that trucking company’s expect of truck drivers.

Whilst working in the freight industry can prepare you well for a career as a truck driver, other occupations often provide an ideal grounding. The military is a very good example. Some ex-military personnel have direct experience with trucking, however, it’s the regimentation that is important for truck drivers. Being able to follow instructions, follow timetables, and work to a set of standards and rules is a common aspect of both the military and truck driving. As a bonus, there are often training programs or funding available for ex-military personnel.

If you have had access to freight documentation, or freight handling, can work to a routine that can be rigid and time sensitive, then you may well be suited to a trucking career. There is a strong demand for new drivers and this will increase over the next four or five years.  Truck drivers are well paid, especially when you compare the cost of training to the rewards received. There are many occupations that require months if not years of training and tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars – truck driving only requires five weeks of truck driver training to acquire a commercial drivers license. Add a couple of weeks of company training and you’ll soon be recouping that training outlay. Do you have current skills that could be converted to a trucking career? You may be surprised to learn you do!

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