Converting A Commercial Drivers License Into A Job

//Converting A Commercial Drivers License Into A Job

It takes dedication and good training to earn a commercial drivers license (CDL). I use the term ‘earn’ specifically as these licenses are not just handed out to anyone. The tests that each state administer to assess whether or not an individual is capable of driving a large (and dangerous) truck are tough. In fact, without good training, you’ll struggle to get past the road rules test, let alone the driving test.

However, a commercial drivers license on its own won’t guarantee you a job. Of course, without that license, I can guarantee you won’t get a job driving a large commercial truck so acquiring it is a good start. So how then do you convert that driving license into a job? It helps to know what it is that employers are looking for in new drivers – remember, without a lot of experience, these employers are taking you on trust when it comes to driving abilities.

One indicator of drivers capabilities is the reputation of the training organization. If you apply for a position with a trucking company and they respect the training organization that helped you acquire your CDL, you’ll have passed one of the key tests – being well trained. Your previous employment history will also help an employer prove your worth. Key factors that they are looking for include:

  • Reliability – Do you always turn up for work each day, on time, and ready to start?
  • Respect – Can you follow instructions and advice provided by those in management, or from more experienced drivers?
  • Resourceful – Can you think on your feet? Truck drivers meet all sorts of obstacles and tricky situations so they need to be able to think quickly to avoid problems, or just be late with deliveries.
  • Honesty – It goes without saying. Trucking companies expect their trucks to arrive at a destination with everything intact and nothing missing. The days of finding something that has ‘fallen of the back of a truck’ are well and truly gone.

Prove to a future employer that you’re a good truck driver – and your training will help to achieve that – and that you’re a reliable and honest worker. If you do, then you’ll get your chance to work as a truck driver.

Can you prove to an employer you’re worthy of employment? If you can, there are hundreds of trucking opportunities just waiting for drivers with a commercial drivers license.

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