Determining Local Truck Driving Employment Options

//Determining Local Truck Driving Employment Options

When considering a career as a truck driver you will have a number of employment options. These range from long distance interstate driving to local driving around your own town. For many, the thought of being away from home for days on end isn’t appealing so finding employment in that local market is imperative. There is a wide range of local truck driving jobs to select from and many of them are open to new graduates from truck driving schools.

Some of these options include:

  • Regional transport of goods – This generally involved transporting goods from one town to the next. You start early in the morning, however, you’re back home well before dark at night.
  • Dump truck driving – Dump trucks carry a wide range of materials, either to or from a construction site.
  • Local delivery drivers – There are many businesses that require local drivers to deliver products, either to businesses or private homes. This area could also include removal trucks and furniture delivery that involve carrying goods to and from the truck.
  • Heavy equipment transport – If you have heavy equipment experience, so much the better. This role involves the transport of heavy equipment from one location to another.
  • Farm gate transport – Farmers rely on truck drivers to pick and deliver their produce to market. These positions may also involve tankers for collecting milk, delivering water, or handling cereals such as wheat, and live animal transport trucks delivering animals to abattoirs.

Once you have gained experience as a truck driver you can look at driving options such as garbage removal and the transport of hazardous materials within your local community. Wherever you have people living, industry producing goods for consumption, and construction of roads, houses, and business properties, you are going to have truck drivers – many of them local. If you have any concerns about local truck driving options, talk to someone from our career services department, they will soon put your mind at rest when it comes to local truck driving options.

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