Do We Still Need Truck Drivers?

//Do We Still Need Truck Drivers?

Here is a silly question – but one well worth thinking about. If we suddenly had no trucks on our roads, how long would we last? Some estimates suggest our food supplies would last about two weeks. For those that have been unexpectedly cut off, they can tell you that this is often only days to a week, especially if people panic buy and hoard food items. That’s just food. If you look around in your home, everything relied on a truck at some point – in fact, your house did as well. So do we still need truck drivers? Yes, and we will for decades to come, and there’s one simple reason for that – no one has invented a better system.

Trucks are the lifeblood of any nation. As soon as our trucks come to a standstill, so does everything else. Industry grinds to a halt; food rots at the farm gate; and our towns run out of food – and we all lose patience. Earlier this year there were predictions that we would need 400,000 new truck drivers in 2012. Guess what – this is October 2011, so 2012 is almost upon us.

Yes, we need new truck drivers – whether it’s 400,000 – the jury’s still out. However, we do need truck drivers, and in some areas, that need is growing rapidly. Long distance truck driving is appealing to fewer people every year, yet that is the real life blood of our industry. We ship billions of tons of products coast-to-coast every year, and that requires long distance truck drivers.

If you are looking for a career that takes you places, a career where good drivers have long sustained careers, then truck driving could be for you. The only way to find out is to talk to an expert in the trucking industry, and Diesel Truck Driving Schools have been associated with truck driver training for almost 50 years – with that history, you now they are experts you can rely on.

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