Do You Have Access To Over 10,000 Potential Truck Driver Employers?

//Do You Have Access To Over 10,000 Potential Truck Driver Employers?

There are three requirements to starting a successful truck driving career – the will, the training, and a truck driving job to get you started. If you provide the will, we’ll deliver the training. What about the job? Do you have access to a database of over 10,000 potential employers? We do, and so can you if you undertake your truck driver training Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools.

Having been in the business for fifty years, we have developed a strong relationship with thousands of employers, many of them constantly looking for new drivers. One aspect of a truck driving career is that it is as fluid as you make it. You can start work with one employer and stay for twenty plus years, or you can move from employer to employer as your drive pushes you to take on new challenges, different types of trucks or longer (or shorter) driving runs. As a truck driver, you’ll soon develop a reputation that makes you attractive to employers, and this makes this transition from one job to another an easy one.

However, it’s that first job following training that is so important. This is the job that first tests your skills, your reliability, and has a major affect on your future career. We have a team devoted to helping our graduates find their first job following graduation, and their work starts with students from day one. They will work with you to determine where you would prefer to work, the type of work you would prefer to do, and the types of trucks you would prefer to drive. We can help to match you up with potential employers that meet those criteria while also developing your soft skills – the skills that you need to sell yourself to an employer.

If you are looking for a change of career, and truck driving appeals as a great career (and let us tell you – it is), then contact us for information on how we can help you achieve that goal. Truck driver training is only the first step – getting that first job is what really makes you a truck driver, and we can help you achieve that.

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