Do You Know How Many Women Drive Trucks In The U.S.?

//Do You Know How Many Women Drive Trucks In The U.S.?

During World War II, 90% of truck drivers in the U.K. were women. In the U.S., that number was around 50%. So truck driving is definitely not a new area for women. In fact, right now, there are over 200,000 women who have chosen truck driving as a career – and they love every minute of it.

Back during those war years, trucks were beasts to drive. No power steering, big clunky gearboxes that need brute strength, double de-clutching and perfect timing to use effectively, and no decent two-way radios or GPS units to help out. In fact, those old trucks didn’t even have radios to keep you entertained. Yet women managed to drive them, and from all accounts, their accident rates were much lower.

Truck driving is the one industry that holds U.S. businesses together. Everything around us, whether it’s food, clothing or the building materials for our homes and workplaces, has relied on a truck at some point. Strangely, it’s an industry that often has difficulty in recruiting new drivers. The money is good although the hours can be long, but then, you’re driving a truck and getting to see other parts of this great country.

Whether you are a woman looking for a new career, or a young person wondering what to do with your life, truck driving is an option that has much to offer. You can take on a career as a long distance operator, or work locally where you’re home for supper each night. Whilst women and young people are especially invited, truck driving is a career that is open to anyone of any age. Five weeks of truck driver training is all that is required, and you’re ready to take the final challenge, passing your commercial drivers license test. With that in hand, you’re ready to start your new career.

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