Do You Refer Clients For Retraining Programs – Consider Truck Driver Training

//Do You Refer Clients For Retraining Programs – Consider Truck Driver Training

If you’re in the business of assisting the unemployed, displaced workers, ex-military personnel, or perhaps workers requiring retraining following accident or injury, then you may want to consider referring them on to truck driver training. While some disabilities may prevent some from working in the trucking industry, there are many who would still qualify for training and for a commercial drivers license. Truck driving is a thriving career that is well paid and drivers are always in demand.

What may make truck driver training appealing to those looking to change careers is the short turn around in training time. Most people are able to complete their truck driver training in a five week period (full time training) which means they are ready to commence work very quickly – the training is not drawn out. The biggest problem with long training programs is the drop out rate – the longer the training, the higher the attrition rate. If you work with individuals who require training, and your measured on outcomes, then the shorter the training period, the more chances there are for success, and the better your outcomes.

Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools are accredited to deliver training under a variety of government funded programs. These programs often pay all, or most of the costs associated with training, leaving your clients with little if any out-of-pocket expenses. For your clients, it’s a relatively easy path to a new career – and it’s a career that offers long term employment options.

Retraining is an important part of the economy at present. If you provide a service that focuses on helping people find employment, or new careers, then contact us at Diesel Truck Driver Training School – we have a range of training programs that can help individuals build new careers, if not as a truck driver, then perhaps even as heavy equipment operators.

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