Don’t Let Unemployment Get In The Way Of Truck Driver Training

//Don’t Let Unemployment Get In The Way Of Truck Driver Training

So you’re unemployed, you have little in the way of spare cash, and your employment history sucks. Guess what? You’re not the only one. Latest employment statistics have seen unemployment rates drop  marginally to 9.1%, and while percentages may not mean much, it does mean that over 100,000 new jobs were created – and some of them were in the trucking industry. Compared to most industries, trucking is the one area where growth is inevitable despite the woes of the economy. However, there is no denying that unemployed people can find funding training difficult – unless you know where to look.

Credit can be difficult to obtain if you are not working and bringing in a decent income. If you have credit cards, then you may be able to squeeze enough out to pay for training, however, that’s not a path that is highly recommended, especially when you need every cent of available credit for unexpected bills. For many unemployed people, there is government assistance just sitting around waiting for eligible individuals to take up. Given the current economic situation, now is the best time to make use of these programs before the Congress budget razor gang steps in to cancel as many of these programs as possible. They have to save money somewhere, and this is one area that has already been canvassed for cost cutting.

Government-funded programs that can be used for truck driver training include:

  • State and Federal Grants – You can access state and/or federal government grants to attend truck driver training, however, you need to attend truck driver schools that a) accept such funding, and b) are approved to deliver training under these grants.
  • Dislocated Workers – Dislocated workers can be retrained as truck drivers through approved truck driver training schools. You can seek funding through the Workforce Investment Act.
  • Trade Adjustment – If you have lost a job through foreign competition, then you can seek assistance through The Trade Adjustment Act. You can be retrained in industries such as truck driving to enable you to reenter the workforce.

Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools are approved to deliver these (and other) training programs to eligible individuals. Government training programs come and go on a regular basis. Check for programs and your eligibility through any of the state or federal labor websites. Unemployment should never be a barrier to seeking training for a career change. That career change could be good for you, good for your family, and ultimately good for the nation as well. So, to coin a phrase, get off your butt and see if you’re eligible. It could be the best move you ever made.

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