Don’t Miss The Details When Taking Turns

//Don’t Miss The Details When Taking Turns

One of the most common mistakes a truck driver can make is missing a detail when turning. Particularly in right-hand turns, the missed detail can hang you up real quick, leaving your trailer cocked at an angle with the tires off the ground. Then you are stuck waiting for a tow truck.

The reason that missed details in turns will hang drivers up so often is that the details change. Sometimes it’s the angle of the turn, other times it’s the fact you didn’t go out far enough to make it, and sometimes the familiar corner changed somehow due to landscaping. Even exits designed for big trucks will mess drivers up if they don’t swing far enough to make the turn.

If you are on an unfamiliar route, it is a good idea to talk to other truck drivers about turns you will run into. A country road shortcut can become a nightmare when the road makes a too-sharp curve with a ditch on both sides. Deliveries in older cities and rural processing plants can be the same way.

The thing is, trucks are getting bigger and longer, but the roads were designed for shorter vehicles. In some places, they were designed for horses and wagons!

The more training and experience you can get navigating through sharp turns, the better equipped you will be when suddenly you have to deal with it. At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, we make sure you know the basics and get a good start in behind-the-wheel experience. You add the skill that comes from practice.

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