Download a Free CDL Practice Test

//Download a Free CDL Practice Test

Diesel Truck Driver Training School does everything it can do to ensure the success of our students. That includes offering financial assistance and employment assistance for long after you graduate and receive your Class-A CDL license.

One thing, however, sets us apart from other truck driver training schools. We invest ourselves in your success in the classroom as much as out of the classroom. That also means providing you with the tools to succeed in training as well as on the job. To help with your training, and to ensure you get your truck driver’s license, we provide free CDL practice tests you can download, which will let you know what areas of training you need the most help in. That helps you and it helps our instructors.

One practice test you can download the General Knowledge Practice Test. It comes in two parts. This test measures you general knowledge of truck driving procedures and laws. The answers to this test are given in our truck driver training programs.

The Air Brakes Practice Test measures your knowledge of your semi-truck’s air brake system. If you’re going to be a truck driver, you need to understand how your air brake system operates, and how to use it effectively.

The Combination Vehicle Practice Test will give you a better understanding of where your knowledge of combination vehicles falls short. Combination vehicles are trucks with multiple tractors attached. If you can maneuver one of these puppies, you’ll be a real professional.

Download these CDL practice tests today and get started on your truck driver training. Start your career now.

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