Tips For Driving Refrigerated Trucks

//Tips For Driving Refrigerated Trucks

Driving a refrigerated truck means you need to be trained in this specific type of job because there are some differences in how you’ll operate.

The insides of the truck need to be kept clean and clear because that affects the way the cold air moves around the cargo. Some drivers use a battery-operated leaf blower to “sweep” out the dry debris and Blue Beacon to clean up wet spills. A milk crate works great for keeping all the cleaning stuff in one spot.

Reefers (the nickname given to refrigerated trailers) can be used to haul dry freight as well, but the load is limited because the reefer weighs more when empty. That can mean stopping more often so you don’t have the weight of full gas tanks. It also means you can pick up either type of load and keep making money.

Reefers use more energy than traditional trucks, too, so it’s a good idea to carry jumper cables that are as long as you can find. In a breakdown, you need to keep the trailer running to prevent spoilage. Some folks don’t like the constant noise the motor in the reefer trailer makes, but if it stops, that’s an emergency maintenance issue.

It’s important that a reefer driver understand the contract that is part of their job. Who pays for repairs? For storing a load or transferring to a working reefer unit? For loss of a load due to incorrect temperature? Knowing the details of your particular job will keep you from making costly mistakes. You can make more money driving a reefer, but only if you know what you are getting into.

Refrigerated trucks carry perishables like produce. You might be doing a lot of deliveries to farmers markets in odd places with little help in unloading. You could be picking up a lot of stuff as you deliver. It really depends on what that particular job entails, so do your homework before you commit to it. A lot of drivers love driving reefers, and you might be one of them.

When you get your training at Diesel Truck Drivers Training School, you’ll learn about a lot of different types of trucks and what your career possibilities can be. You’ll also get experience behind the wheel of different types of trucks.

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