Dump Truck Drivers Have All The Fun

//Dump Truck Drivers Have All The Fun

Watch children at play in their yards or in sand pits and dump trucks are one of their favorites. You rarely see a child pretending to drive a long distance freight truck, or even a tractor-trailer with heavy equipment as a load. In fact, when it comes to child’s play, heavy equipment has this magical ability; it can fly from end of the sand pit to the other – forget your tractor-trailer. But dump trucks? That’s a different question.

When it comes to truck driving as a living, those kids may have it right – dump trucks do seem to have all the fun. Long distance drivers do just that – sit behind the wheel for hours on end, driving their truck. Even local drivers take their loads between points – a job that could become quite mundane.

Dump truck drivers have a more interactive role to play with their loads. Dump truck drivers may have to maneuver their vehicles under hoppers to receive a load, or wait patiently while a loader fills their dumper. At the other end, the dump truck driver may have to dump that load in one neat spot, and that can take some effort. Harder is still where a dump truck driver is required to spread their load – the expectation is an even spread at the right thickness. That does require a lot of skill.

The load carried can be quite varied in dump trucks. Sand, gravel, rock – even debris from a construction or demolition site are just some of the materials they may be required to transport. What makes the role of dump truck driver even more appealing is that, at the end of the day, they get home to their family. There are not that many jobs that bring a child’s play passion into reality – the only real difference is the size of the dump trucks used, and the extra skills a dump driver needs to learn – otherwise, it’s no different to being a child again.

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