Dump Truck Driving: The Bigger The Truck The Easier It Gets

//Dump Truck Driving: The Bigger The Truck The Easier It Gets

It may surprise many to learn that the bigger the dump truck, the easier it can be to drive. Take the massive Terex Titan shown below. This is a massive dump truck that is used in mines to cart tons of ore from the mine face. These huge trucks are not designed to drive on the open road; they are designed to carry huge weights and so travel at much slower speeds. Their gearbox arrangements deliver a lot of power with fewer gears, and their tipping functions are fully controlled from within the cab.

massive dump truck

How big are these monsters? A person standing in front would find the top of their head level with the bumper – if they ducked a little the truck could drive straight over the top of them. It may also surprise readers to learn that jobs driving these monsters are not that hard to come by. Unfortunately, the work is generally in remote areas with workers either living in mining camps or small towns. Some workers have a roster that enables them to work for three or four weeks then go home for a week or two before returning for their next rotation.

Some mining companies hire individuals and train them from scratch. Other mining companies prefer to hire those who have had experience driving dump trucks. It only takes a day or two to transfer those skills to these massive dump trucks. By hiring skilled drivers, mining companies can quickly have them working productively.

You can learn to drive a dump truck and acquire your commercial drivers license in as little as five weeks. That’s complete truck driver training that includes the theory required to pass knowledge tests required to acquire that commercial drivers license. Want to drive a massive mining dump truck? Start off small and build up.

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